Which blockchains does Rarible support?

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We are determined to help our users cultivate relationships with other creators and collectors across every chain possible. Currently, Rarible supports the RARI Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Immutable-X, zkSync Era, Base, Astar zkEvm and, Kroma blockchains.




Token Website
Picture 1.png RARI Chain RARI ETH https://rarichain.org/
Picture 2.png  Ethereum ETH https://ethereum.org/
Polygon_Blockchain_Matic_Logo.svg.png  Polygon MATIC https://www.polygon.com/
free-immutable-x-5529784-4626464.png  Immutable-X IMX https://www.immutable.com/
Picture 3.png  zkSync Era ETH and selective ERC20 tokens https://zksync.io/
Picture 4.png  Base ETH https://www.base.org/
5008e8a6-c565-4731-be44-be2ee2b83722.png  Astar zkEvm  ETH https://astar.network/
Picture 1.png  Kroma ETH https://kroma.network/


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