How do I sell an NFT?

Your first NFT sale might become a life-changing memory, so we’re happy you want us to be part of it!

When you’re ready to part with an NFT (or want to put your own art on sale), you can list it for sale either with a fixed price or as a timed auction.


1. Selling with a fixed price

Set a price for your item and wait for someone to buy it.

1. Click on the "Sell" button on the navigation header. 


2. Select any NFT that you wish to sell and then click on "Continue to listings."

3. Set the sale price of the NFT and its expiry date.


4. Sign the message that appears to confirm the sale.




2. Selling with a timed auction [BETA]

Start an auction and let people bid. At the end of the timed auction, the highest bidder gets your NFT in exchange for what they bid on.

⚠️ This feature is in Beta mode.



1. Go on your profile

2. Find the NFT you want to auction and click on the 3 points next to the card.

3. Follow the same steps that you would have when choosing to sell your NFT at a fixed price. However, once you reach the "Put on sale" option, follow the continuing steps.

4. Click on "Timed auction."




5. Fill in timed auction information to your specifications:

  • The minimum bid that you agree to accept.
  • The start date of the auction.
  • The expiry date of the auction.



6. Click on "Start auction" and sign the message that appears to confirm that you would like to put your NFT up for auction. 

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