Is connecting my wallet to Rarible secure?

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In short, YES, connecting your wallet to Rarible is safe.

There are also no costs to connect your wallet to Rarible.

How is it safe?

  • Rarible is only given permission to view the addresses of your permitted accounts
  • Pop-ups appear if you attempt to perform any sort of transaction. You have to confirm each time to ensure that you actually want to fulfill the transaction

Safety in general on all platforms

Crypto wallets are almost impossible to hack.

Most of the “hacks” that happen are actually mistakes. Usually, the owner interacted with a malicious site or gave a scammer access to their wallet. In other cases, scammers private message you from a fake support account and ask for your 12-word seed phrase. NEVER give that phrase to anyone.

Read below to find out some of our recommendations about how to stay safe.

How to stay safe on all platforms?

  • Never share your private keys, seed phrase, or wallet passwords
  • Store your private keys using a verified digital vault so that your information is safe and easily accessible for you
  • Verify every transaction you sign and only connect your wallet to websites/APPS you trust
  • Don't click on links that may look suspicious, rather use a virus tool to check the links first (Note: Virus tools may not always be 100% correct)
  • When someone private messages you about anything regarding your balance in your wallet, passwords, or any other personal information, do not respond as this is a red flag
  • Ensure what you're buying is from a legitimate creator and not a scammer. You can double check this by looking on a blockchain scanner about the NFT's transaction history
  • Remember the saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

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