How much does it cost to create an NFT?

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When you first create an NFT, you “mint” it. Rarible itself does not charge a fee to create an NFT however, you usually have to pay a fee to your blockchain. The fee depends on the gas price of your blockchain at that specific moment in time.

There are two interactions when you create an NFT:

  1. Minting your NFT
  2. Putting your NFT on sale

Cost to mint and put your NFT up for sale:

The cost to mint and put your NFT up for sale is dependent on the blockchain you use. The fees may be higher on one blockchain because it is a bigger and more popular blockchain. Fees also differ depending on the blockchain's set policies.

Examples of possible transaction costs on different blockchains:

Polygon: 0.08MATIC

Ethereum: 0.001ETH

RARI Chain: 0.00008ETH

Note: Rarible charges 1.5% of your NFT's price if (once) it sells.

Minting for free (lazy minting):

This minting option is free of charge.

By enabling the "Free minting" option when you create an NFT on Rarible, you do not pay the blockchain fees. Instead, the person who buys your NFT will be liable to pay the fees.

Note: If you choose to mint for free, you can only mint your NFT to Rarible's collection. If you are wanting to create your own collection, you will need to cover the fees.

Follow this article if you would like to learn more about "Lazy minting": Lazy Minting on Rarible


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