What is $RARI?

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$RARI is the official token of Rarible protocol. It's an ERC-20 token for RARI Chain and Rarible. $RARI can be used for governance in the RARI DAO. The DAO governs Rarible protocol and RARI Chain via veRARI. The foundation helps implement anything the DAO has voted in and is governed by its holders of the $RARI token which, when locked, can be used for governance.

By locking $RARI, $RARI is converted to veRARI. This gives you voting power. When you have veRARI, you receive additional benefits such as 0% trading fees, private Discord access and, prime status.

Note: You need to lock at least 100 RARI to receive the benefits.


You can learn more about $RARI at: https://rari.foundation/.

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