I think my NFT, collection or account disappeared from Rarible. Why?

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NFTs are decentralized and stored on the blockchain forever — so you might be surprised to see an NFT "vanish" from Rarible.

Don’t worry, Rarible can’t take anything out of your wallet or remove NFTs from any blockchain. So whatever NFTs you bought, you still own.

They may however, be hidden on Rarible. If for example, you can no longer see your NFT on Rarible, you may have received the following message: "This item has been removed from public access." This means that your artwork has been blocked and/or blacklisted. Your collection/s, item/s or account could be delisted due to it violating the community guidelines, copyright laws or other regulations which Rarible abides by (DMCA Notices on Rarible).

We immediately remove suspected copyright infringement, fraud, money laundering, or any other behavior that violates (inter-)national laws or our terms of service.

Removing these malicious items is the best way to ensure that Rarible is a safe environment for everyone. Once an NFT, collection or account has been removed, we review each copyright dispute and legal issue one by one — even if you just purchased an NFT that was later blacklisted or banned. This is to ensure that the NFT, collection or account was blacklisted or banned justifiably.

If you have any more inquiries about your NFT, collection or account not showing, we would be happy to help you. Contact the following email address if you would like some more guidance: support@rarible.com


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