How to delete your account

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Deleting your account on Rarible only takes a few minutes:


1. Click on your profile and select "Settings."

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2. Under account, click "Delete my account".


3. Confirm you are sure you want to delete your account.

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4. In your wallet, sign the message to finalize deleting your account.


Your Rarible profile will now be deleted.


Note: stores minimal information about you, deleting your account will delete:

  • Your Rarible account "display name", "short bio", cover picture and the user profile URL.
  • The social media accounts and the website associated to your profile.
  • The connection between chains spread across multiple chains.
  • Your email, if you have decided to opt-in to our notifications.
  • Your notification preferences.
  • Your profile verified state.


⚠️ Deleting your account, will not delete your NFTs and assets – they remain stored inside your wallet. Rarible does not have access to your wallet and will never ask for your private keys.

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