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Deleting your account on Rarible only takes a few minutes. If you would like to re-create a Rarible profile in the future with the same wallet, you can do so. You would follow the same steps as you did when you created your account the first time. Please be aware that you will be starting your account from scratch as all of your prior data will have been removed from Rarible.

Deleting your account will delete your:

- Rarible account "display name", "short bio", cover picture and the user profile URL

- Social media account/s and the website associated to your profile

- Email

- Notification preferences

- Bid offers

- Bids made

- Profile verification status

- NFTs created on Rarible

- NFTs owned on Rarible

- NFTs on sale on Rarible

- Collections created on Rarible


Steps to Delete Your Account:

1. Click on your profile and select "Settings."

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 10.03.31.jpg

2. Under account, click "Delete my account."


3. Confirm you are sure you want to delete your account.

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 10.29.34.jpg

4. In your wallet, sign the message to finalize deleting your account.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 13.56.57.jpg

Your Rarible profile will now be deleted.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 13.57.10.png


Note: Deleting your account, will not delete your NFTs and assets in your wallet. They remain stored inside your wallet and are only removed from Rarible. Rarible does not have access to your wallet and will never ask for your private keys.

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