How to get your collection verified?

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You may be wanting to verify your collection to gain more authenticity, appear higher on our explore page and possibly one day even show up on Rarible's leaderboard!

Follow this article to learn how to gain your yellow badge.


What are the requirements that my collection needs to meet in order to attain verification?

  • A profile picture (it cannot be NSFW)
  • A banner (it cannot be NSFW)
  • A name (it cannot be NSFW)
  • A bio that's descriptive about your aim on Rarible or your art (it cannot be NSFW)
  • A social media/website link that is active
  • No unauthorized brand use (e.g. in your name, bio, item names/descriptions or cover image)
  • Appropriate sales volume e.g. 1000 items and 50 unique owners with 0.5ETH sales volume
  • The number of owners of the items is at least 40% to the number of items created
  • No unauthorized items in the collection

Steps to apply for verification for your collection.

1. Go on to the collection that you would like to verify.

2. Click on the three dots above your collection's items and activity. Then click on "Verify collection."  


3. Fill in all the required information on the verification form that appears.

Note the following:

- Ensure you provide the link to your collection's page and that the wallet address is your collection's wallet (N.B. Not your profile link/wallet)

- Ensure you attach work in progress images or documents to prove that you own the collection

- Ensure you fill in at least one social media link that shows that you own the collection

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 11.25.21.png

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 11.25.39.png

4. Once you have filled in all of your information, click on the "Submit" button on the bottom of the form.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 11.28.38.png


After submitting your application, our respective team will review your request. We wish you all the best with your verification request!

Note: It may take some time for your collection to be attended to because our team analyzes the legitimacy of the collection and we receive many verification requests each day.


Note: If you would like an in-depth demonstration about how to get your collection verified on Rarible, watch our YouTube video:

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