How do I solve my notifications/prompts for transactions not appearing?

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Are you experiencing the issue of missing notifications or prompts for transactions on Rarible? Don't worry! We'll explore the 5 main reasons behind this problem and provide you with simple solutions:

1. Insufficient Funds: If you’re trying to buy an NFT or place a bid, but don’t have enough funds in your wallet, you can’t make the transaction so no transaction prompt will appear. 


2. Stacked Transactions: If transactions from other dApps are pending in your wallet, the Rarible transaction won’t show up immediately. You’ll have to reject (or accept) the other transaction first. 


3. Conflicting Wallet Extensions: Having multiple wallet extensions in your browser can create conflicts. Disable or remove until only one wallet extension is enabled to simplify the experience. There are also other extensions (like transaction simulators) that might block you from connecting.

4. Wallet Disconnection: If your wallet has been disconnected, you can’t sign transactions. Reconnect your wallet through the wallet extension to resolve this issue.

5. Browser Blocking Pop-ups: Some ad blockers and browsers block wallet pop-ups, preventing transaction prompts from appearing. Adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups for a seamless experience.


If you address these 5 issues, you should be able to transact on Rarible again!

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