I’m experiencing issues when trying to create, buy or sell an NFT, how can I solve this?

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If you can’t create, buy or sell NFTs on Rarible, there may be some issues that prevent you from interacting with the Rarible dApp correctly. Here are a few ways to fix issues when connecting with Rarible: 

Reconnect Your Wallet

One reason you can't create, buy or sell NFTs could be a wallet connection issue.  This could be due to a few reasons: 

  1. You're connected with the wrong wallet
  2. You disconnected your wallet whilst using Rarible
  3. You're using multiple, conflicting wallet plugins

In any of these cases, you can fix the problem by disconnecting your wallet and connecting it again (make sure it's the correct one). You can do this either on Rarible itself or within your wallet. 

On Rarible, go onto your profile and then click on the "off" sign to disconnect: 


Within your wallet, it takes a few more clicks to disconnect from Rarible: 


After disconnecting your wallet, go back to the Rarible home page and click "connect wallet" in the top right-hand corner to reconnect. Make sure you connect with the wallet you'd like to purchase, mint or sell from. 

For best results, disable all wallet extensions except for your preferred one. 

Your Wallet is Empty

Every transaction on a blockchain (especially on Ethereum) costs a gas fee. To place bids, purchase NFTs or mint anything, you need to have some tokens in your wallet (an exception is lazy minting). 

You can't bid in money you don't have or pay a gas fee when you have no ETH. We suggest topping up your wallet if you run into this issue. If you would like to find out more about how you can add more funds in your wallet, follow this article: How to add funds with a credit or debit card

Clearing Your Cache

If you haven't interacted with Rarible in a long time, it's possible that your computer or browser is still trying to interact with an old version of Rarible or outdated scripts. Because we constantly update our software, it's possible that this could break your interactions with Rarible. 

Clearing your cache in your browser should fix this issue. When you do so, your browser requests the newest version of Rarible and lets you interact with it.

After clearing your cache, you should be able to use all of Rarible's features again with no issues.


If you have attempted these solutions and you are still experiencing issues with creating, buying or selling an NFT, please contact our support team via: https://rariblecom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



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