Where can I find the history of an NFT?

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By looking at the history of a user, collection or NFT, you can find relevant information that can aid you in making a decision of whether you want to buy an NFT. This is also called provenance.

Because blockchains are public and transparent, provenance is easy to see with NFTs: 


Finding the history of an NFT through Rarible:

1. Go on to the explore page and find the NFT that you would like to have more information about.

2. You can find the bid as well as transfer history of the NFT by looking under "Bids" and "Activity." You can also find the current price as well as the most recent sale price on the right-hand side of the NFT, under the creator and current owner.


3. If you would like to find out more in-depth information about the history of the NFT, scroll down to the bottom of the NFT's page and click on "View on Etherscan" (you can find this under the "Details" section).


4. Clicking on "View on Etherscan" will then lead you to a new tab (Etherscan) which displays all of the details about the respective NFT.



Finding the history of an NFT directly through Etherscan/Polygonscan:

1. Depending on which blockchain the wallet address is active on, go on to either Etherscan or Polygonscan

2. Enter the user's wallet address, the collection's address or the NFT's address in the "Search by" bar.





Now that you have searched for the user, collection or NFT, all of their/its previous and current activity will appear. Here, you can find whatever relevant information you are searching for about the user, collection or NFT that will aid you in making your trading decision.

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