What is an ERC-721 contract

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ERC-721 is a token standard to create individual NFTs. Compared to ERC-1155, where there is one NFT with multiple editions, ERC-721 tokens are unique. If you create 100 ERC-1155 tokens, they show up on the marketplace as one token with 100 editions. If you create 100 ERC-721 tokens, they show up as 100 tokens, each with an edition of one.

An ERC-721 smart contract is the software that creates these tokens on the blockchain. Creating your own smart contract requires a lot of technical knowledge. That's why Rarible has an ERC-721 contract that makes it easy for you to mint your own NFTs: 

Creating an ERC-721 NFT on Rarible:

1. Click on "Single" when creating an NFT.


2. Complete all of the relevant fields. Once you reach the "Choose collection" section, either choose to mint your NFT on Rarible's collection or create your own ERC-721 collection. Collections are like drawers which NFTs are in. If you create your own collection, you have to pay more gas fees, but make it easier to find your work on the marketplace and get verified. Minting in Rarible's collection is cheaper, but can also make it harder to find your work.

Once you have selected either Rarible's collection or creating your own ERC-721 collection, click on "Create item."


Creating an ERC-721 collection on Rarible:

1. When creating a collection, choose the "Single" option.


2. A form to create an ERC-721 collection will appear. Complete all of the relevant fields to your specifications and then click on "Create collection." 



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