How to search for a collection, marketplace, NFT or user

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You may be new to Rarible and are unsure as to how to find a collection, NFT, user or, marketplace.

If you already know whom or what you're looking for, use the search bar at the top of the home page and enter the name of the collection, NFT, user or, marketplace.


Follow the steps below to find out how you can find what you're looking for: 


1. Go to Rarible's home page and hover over "Explore." Decide whether you would like to search for a collection, NFT, user or, marketplace. Click on the option of your choice. 


Note: You can also explore by blockchain by clicking on your preferred blockchain.


2. Search the collections, NFTs, users or, marketplaces.

2. a. Collection:


When exploring for a collection, the current, top collections appear first. The top collections can be viewed by hour, day, week or, month. You can also look at specific blockchains or filter the collections by their price. If you would like to search for a specific collection, you can do so by entering the collection's name in the "Search by collection" bar.


2. b. NFT:


When you choose to search for an NFT, every NFT that was minted on Rarible's marketplace as well as, the marketplaces that Rarible has aggregated with will appear. To narrow down your search, click on the "Trending" or "Filter" buttons and then select which option you would like to filter your NFT search by. You can also find a specific NFT that you are looking for by searching for it in the "Search by NFTs" bar.


2. c. User:


Verified users and top users will appear first on the user explore page. This makes it easier for you to find trustworthy and popular users. Here, you can also easily follow users by clicking on "Follow" next to their name. If you are looking for a specific user, use the "Search by users" bar.


2. d. Marketplace:


The present, top marketplaces are arranged similarly to collections. You can use the "Search by marketplace" bar to find a specific marketplace.


We hope that you enjoy your time exploring Rarible's marketplace and that you find the collection, NFT, user or, marketplace that you love.

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