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Want to discover what's trending in the NFT space? Our leaderboard makes it easy to find the best-selling collections over various time periods. 

Here's how to find the top collections on Rarible:


1. Hover over the "Explore" button on the top of Rarible's home page and then click on "Collections."

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2. Click on the time filter buttons on the left-hand side of the "Search by collection" bar. This will narrow-down the top collection leader board by time period (hour, day, week and month). The rankings constantly change depending on which collection/s begin to gain more attraction.

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3. You can also narrow your search more by viewing a specific blockchain. You can do this by clicking on the filter button next to the time buttons and choosing your blockchain.

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Now, you can discover the current most popular collections and the collections that could potentially rise higher up on the board which could be a valuable future opportunity for you.

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