How to filter your NFT search by marketplace

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Rarible aggregates listings from a number of marketplaces. This makes it easy to find the best prices for NFTs you're looking to buy instead of juggling multiple tabs and marketplaces. We aggregate orders from: 

  • Rarible
  • OpenSea
  • x2y2
  • LooksRare
  • SudoSwap.


Step 1: Hover over the "Explore" button on the top of Rarible's home page and then click on "NFTs."


Step 2: On the left-hand side of the NFT explore page, filter options will appear where you can specify what you are looking for. In order to explore NFTs that are created on specific marketplaces, click on "Marketplace" and then select which marketplace/s you would like to journey through more.



Now, only the NFTs that have been minted on the marketplace/s that you have selected to explore will appear.

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