Filtering NFTs by purchasing price

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Do you want to buy NFTs within a specific budget? Want to find one that doesn't break the bank? You can do so by filtering your NFTs search by purchasing price.


1. Hover over the "Explore" button on the top of Rarible's home page and then click on "NFTs."


2. Click on the filter icon on the left-hand side of the explore page. Select the "Price" filter and enter your minimum (Min) and maximum (Max) NFT prices.


3. You can choose which cryptocurrency you wish to use to purchase an NFT. Rarible supports a variety of cryptocurrencies of which you can choose from. By clicking on the "ETH" button, you can change the type of cryptocurrency.


4. Click on "Apply."

Now, your search results will only show NFTs within your selected price range.

For example:

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 09.06.41.jpg


Note: If you'd like to learn how to filter collections by floor price, you can follow this article: How to filter by floor price

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