What is a drop?

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A drop is a collection of NFTs that are newly released.

Usually, there is an "allowlist" which is selected individuals who have the right to access the NFTs and gain information about the NFTs before the wider public. This means you will practically have a limited edition item. By using the drop feature on Rarible, you will essentially be on the project's "allowlist."


When looking at a drop on Rarible, you will be able to see:

  • current and upcoming drops
  • prior drops
  • about the drop
  • activity on the drop
  • the number of mints thus far
  • the number of mints allowed per wallet
  • the time left to mint from the drop
  • option to add a drop to your calendar so you don't miss its release date

See the table below to familiarize yourself with the different types of drops:

Open Edition

Unlimited number of mints available at a limited time frame. Your artwork is attainable to a larger audience.
Limited Edition Only 1 mint available thus making your NFTs one-of-a-kind.
Multi-edition Multiple available copies of your NFTs with a set mint limit. This can aid with maximizing sales whilst keeping your NFTs relatively rare.
Bucket Auction This sets a single clearing price for the entire auction based on the bids received. Collectors who bid at or above the clearing price will obtain the item. This maximizes liquidity and ensures fairness between collectors.

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