How to set royalties on your collection

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Want to receive royalties for your NFTs every time they're resold? Here's how:


Setting royalties on your collection:

Note: This feature is only available on Ethereum and Polygon and is compatible with EIP-2981. Additionally, royalties are only applicable to trades on Rarible.

1. Option a: Under "Collections" on your profile, click the "Set royalties" button on the collection you'd like to edit.


Option b: Go to the collection and click on "Set royalties".


2. Enter the royalty percentage you'd like to receive for each resale of an NFT from your collection.

Note: You can add additional wallet addresses (for collaborators, team wallets, etc.) to receive royalties by clicking on "Add address." You can personalize these royalty percentages.

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4. Click on "Setup royalties."


5. Approve the transaction request in your wallet.

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6. Your royalties have now been set. Click on "Continue."

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Note: If you would like an in-depth demonstration about how to set royalties on your collection, watch our YouTube video: 

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