How to ensure you won’t miss the day a drop is released

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By being reminded when an upcoming drop will be released, you can get a newly released NFT before anyone else. Rarible has provided a feature where you can add a drop's release date to your calendar so you don't miss it.


Steps to add a future drop to your calendar:

1. Go on to Rarible's home page and click on "Drops."

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2. Search under the "Ongoing & Upcoming" section for the drop collection that you want to mint from once it's released.

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3. Hover over the drop that you like and then click on "Add to Calendar."

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4. Download either Google Calendar, iCal or, Outlook so the drop's date can be added to your calendar. Then, click on "Download reminder."

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5. The drop's release date will automatically be added to your calendar. Your calendar will notify you about the drop when the day arrives.

You'll now be able to ensure that you won't miss the day that this drop is released and you can own a newly released NFT before anyone else!


Note: If you would like an in-depth demonstration about how to add a future drop's release date to your calendar, watch our YouTube video:

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