How to learn more about a project’s drop

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You may be interested in finding out more information about a drop. This gives you exclusive insights about a project which you can usually only attain if you are on the project's allowlist.


To learn more about a project's drop, follow these steps:

1. Go on to Rarible's home page and click on "Drops."

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2. Search under either the "Ongoing & Upcoming" or the "Completed" drops section.

Note: In this example, we will search under "Ongoing & Upcoming" drops..

3. Hover over the drop and click on "View drop."

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4. Once you're on the drop's page, scroll down where you will see "About" and "Activity."

The "About" feature provides you with all of the information about the background and goal of the project as well as what makes the drop unique and beneficial for you.

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The "Activity" feature shows how many mints have been created and who minted from the drop. This feature is automatically updated in real-time, so you can stay up-to-date with the community's interactions with the drop.

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Note: If you would like an in-depth demonstration about how to learn more about a project’s drop on Rarible, watch our YouTube video:

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