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Rarible believes that creators deserve to earn royalties. When you trade on RARI Chain there are a number of ways that you can earn royalties. RARI Chain has a system embedded in it that checks the transfer of NFTs and its payments. This enables RARI Chain to track and calculate the royalties that the creator should receive for each re-sale of the NFT.


How You Can Receive Royalties on RARI Chain:

1. An NFT is minted directly on and kept on RARI Chain

At the starting stage (minting phase), the creator determines the royalty percentage they'd like to receive for their NFT sales. 

2. An NFT is minted on another platform and bridged on to RARI Chain

Through associated marketplaces and/or ERC-2981 compatible interfaces, the creator sets the royalty percentage they'd like to receive for their NFT sales and is compensated for their sales no matter the NFT's origin.

3. An NFT is minted directly on RARI Chain and then bridge to another platform

Creators' set royalties remain intact even if their work is traded on another platform provided that the other platform also respects royalties.


You can learn more about RARI Chain at: https://rarichain.org/.

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