Where is my NFT? (Blacklisted items/Banned accounts)

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If your NFT is no longer viewable on Rarible and you receive the page that says, "This item has been removed from public access." Then the NFT or account in question has been blacklisted or blocked on Rarible. 
This is the image that will appear on your screen if your NFT or account has been blacklisted or blocked:

It is unfortunate when a creation gets removed from our front end. However, It still exists in your wallet and on the blockchain. 
Rarible has to abide by copyright laws and regulations. Therefore we must comply with infringement requests. Rarible does not support fraud, money laundering or actions that violate our terms of service or international laws. 
These restrictions are in place to protect end-users. Sometimes, we get manipulated by bad actors that get through the verification process. However, it's nearly impossible to defend every user and prevent bad actors from using Rarible. 
Because the protocol is decentralized, anyone can interact with it. We do our best and abide by the requests we receive. It takes considerably longer for us to re-display an item. Removing it outright from our interface is the quickest and most effective solution for copyright disputes and other legal issues. Removals get considered on a case-by-case basis. In any matter, people who have bought blacklisted NFTs or received them obtained them in a peer-to-peer transaction. Rarible does not encourage your purchases on the platform. 

Note: verification alone does not mean you cannot be the victim of scams and fraud.
We hope users understand our precautions, and hopefully, this information helps everyone make informed decisions on the Rarible platform in the future.

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