Where is my minted NFT?

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Sometimes you are sure that you just created an NFT, but it doesn’t show up anywhere on your profile. What’s the deal?

This usually boils down to a couple of reasons, that you can easily diagnose yourself.

First, go to your “Activity” tab, and check if there is a “minted by” notification for your NFT. You can filter your Activity by “Listings”, to make it easier for you to navigate.




As you can see in this example, there is one successful mint, displayed as “minted” and “listed” (listed means, a fixed price has been set)

If your NFT only displays as “listed”, and there is no “minted” notification to be seen, then it’s very likely that either that NFT was never minted, or the transaction is still pending on the blockchain.

To check the status of your pending transactions, go to EtherScan.io and enter your wallet address (0x…..)




In the above image, you can see a pending minting transaction.
Depending on the transaction speed and the congestion of the Ethereum blockchain, it can take seconds, minutes, or in the worst case up to an hour for the minting to complete.

If your transaction takes longer than an hour, it might be necessary to speed up your transaction. This can be done from within your wallet's interface, or through the link below.

Here is a website that lets you speed up or cancel a transaction for various wallet providers.

Speed up or Cancel: https://cancel-ethereum-transactions.web.app/


Although, if there is no minting transaction pending for your NFT, then the minting transaction never took place and you can go back and retry the minting process.

Make sure to check your wallets interface first, as it can be possible that there is a minting transaction that has never been sent to the blockchain.

It’s also possible that you have only paid for the “Set Approval For” transaction. This is a common occurrence, that gets missed quite often.



To clarify for you, there are two transactions when you mint an NFT for the very first time. One “Set Approval For” transaction, which approves your wallet to interact with a smart contract, and one minting transaction. (The approval transaction is necessary once for each contract, "Single", "Multiple" or your own custom collection)

It is common that a user only pays for the approval transaction, but doesn’t get to the minting transaction.

In this case, just go back to Rarible and restart the minting phase.


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