Duplicate NFTs

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Accidentally create more than one of the same NFT? There are a few things that may have happened.

  1. Continued where you left off or the page timed out
  2. Batch of two or more transactions
  3. Transactions are stuck in a queue


Time outs / Continuing Creations

If you've continued where you left off, you must be careful that the data entered before does not get submitted another time.

Make sure that you use Rarible from the same browser & device that you did before. If you've started the process with other browsers, be careful not to mint old NFTs. 

You may need to clear your local storage if the same NFT keeps appearing.


Example of lost connection with Rarible:


When pages time out there is a chance you may send another if you assume the first was never sent.


As seen below:Screenshot_2021-06-21_7.54.27_PM.png


Check your wallet activity or Etherscan to make sure.


Batched Transactions

There is a chance you had transactions in a queue within your wallet for the same NFT, or you minted them in a 'batch.'


It's crucial to pay attention to the details of transactions in your wallet to prevent minting duplicates or 'batches.'




Due to the nature of the transaction type, the Ethereum network won't reject duplicate approvals or mints. It does not happen often. However, miscommunication between users, wallet providers, and Rarible occurs from time to time.


Considering the warning is not very large, batched transactions are more common for quick users that speed through the creation process.



Transaction Queue

All transactions sent on Ethereum are typically confirmed in sequential order. 


ex; 1,2,3,4 etc.


Sequential confirmation presents another problem; Queues


As seen below:



The blue circle in the image shows a transaction that will be confirmed later.

It's shown in a 'queue' compared to the other transaction– green circle –that is current and is shown as 'pending.'

Please, double-check wallet activity to ensure you do not send duplicates. 


Unknowingly, for users, more than one transaction can get confirmed in a single block. 

ex; Transactions 1, 2 & 3 can be confirmed all at the same time– via one block number (#####) –if they are 'pending' together and lined up in a 'queue.' 


As seen below:


The pending transactions from the screenshot below could end up confirmed like the screenshot below.


Two transactions confirmed at once:



Because of this, If you're not careful, It's easy to send duplicates when under the impression your NFT has never been created. Or if you've sent many transactions back-to-back.


Use this tool to speed up or cancel pending transactions: https://cancel-ethereum-transactions.web.app/


If you still need help, please click here


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