How do I re-apply for verification?

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Getting your verification check on Rarible shows other users that you are the real artist/collector associated with the profile they're viewing. 

You may have requested verification however, it was denied. We try to ensure that our community is safe and that nobody is impersonated so your application may be denied because the information that you provided wasn't descriptive enough or your Rarible profile isn't fully complete.

Even though you may have been denied on your first attempt, you can submit a new request.


Follow these steps to re-apply for verification:

1. You will receive an email from our verification team.

Note: Your denial reason will be specific to your application.
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2. Click on the link attached to the email.

3. On the re-applying for verification form, fill in all of the fields with as much detail as possible. Ensure you attach a social media account that shows that you are the owner of the profile and ensure that your Rarible profile is fully complete.

Note: If you need additional information about the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to be approved, look at this article: What is verification and how do I apply?

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4. Click on "Submit" on the bottom of the form.


What happens once you've re-applied for verification:

1. Your new application is sent to our verification team.

Note: Please be patient with us as your verification request will be added to the queue and we will need to re-assess your request.

2. If you have now fulfilled all of the requirements, your request will be approved and you'll receive an email confirming this.




Congratulations! You've now met the verification requirements, have your yellow badge and others know that you are the real creator or collector of the NFTs on your profile.

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