How can I test Rarible features for free?

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If you want to test mint a couple of NFTs, a collection, or want to play around with our website and see how stuff works, you can use our test networks to do just that, free of charge!


The current active test network that we maintain regularly is

Just so you know, sometimes you will be able to see some minor changes or updates to our test networks, which differ from what we have currently live on our main site.


To connect to a test network, click "Connect wallet" in the top right corner of the screen and select your blockchain and wallet of choice. You will be prompted to connect to the test network affiliated with the blockchain you selected. Click "Connect" and sign the terms and conditions prompt that follows.


Now that you are set up properly, you can log in to Rarible the way you would normally.

Although everything is free on our test networks, you will still need some test tokens to fund the minting or purchasing of NFT's.


These test tokens can be acquired using the following sites:

Ethereum Goerli
Tezos Ithaca
Polygon Mumbai
Solana Devnet
ImmutableX Goerli

Make sure to select the correct faucet for the network you are connected to!
Read the faucet instructions carefully, as they can sometimes be a bit convoluted to prevent the overloading of their systems.


You should now have everything you need to perform various transactions on our test networks.

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