How do I create a community marketplace?

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We’re enabling any NFT collection owner on Rarible to build their own marketplace with NO built-in fees.



To begin creating your own community marketplace:

  • Head over to your collection page on & click on the "Create marketplace" button 

  • Fill in your information

  • All the fields here are self-explanatory, except for the community fee. This is the transaction fee your marketplace will charge on each transaction. Those fees will be sent to the wallet address you specify in the next field, so it can be the address for your community treasury or your DAO's wallet, for instance. Rarible charges NO fee on the marketplaces created via this generator, so 100% of fees go directly to the wallet affiliated with your project. You can even have zero fees whatsoever (in that case you just need to set the community fee to 0%) — this generator is all about the freedom that Web3 provides. 

  • Click 'Create', sign the message approving the creation in your wallet & your marketplace is live!

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