What marketplaces does Rarible aggregate listings from?

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Firstly, what is an NFT aggregator?

An NFT aggregator is a platform that allows its users to buy, sell, and trade various NFT collections from different marketplaces, all from one place.

So what are the marketplaces that Rarible aggregates listings from?

  • Rarible (ETH, MATIC, & XTZ)
  • All community marketplaces on Rarible Protocol (ETH & MATIC)
  • OpenSea (ETH & MATIC)
  • LooksRare (ETH)
  • X2Y2 (ETH)
  • Sudoswap (ETH)
  • Teia (XTZ)
  • Versum (XTZ)
  • FxHash (XTZ)
  • Hic Et Nunc

And, exciting news... we are also currently working on aggregating BLUR onto Rarible!

You can tell where an item was aggregated from by the marketplace icon show on the bottom left-hand side of the listing:




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